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Remodeling Projects and Restoration

Fire/Water/Wind/Vandalism Restorations

Residential Remodeling Projects and Restoration MontclairWater damage can occur in various forms. Whether it’s a sink overflow, basic broken pipe or a flood, the affected area needs to be dried and cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible. Time is of the essence, because mold, mildew and other microorganisms thrive in damp environments.

Fires are frightening because of their unpredictable nature and complex potential for destruction of life and property. Once the flames are extinguished, it is important to have trained technicians at the loss location. We know how to detect and track physical and chemical damage caused by extreme heat, smoke, soot and other results of fire.

Structural damage to your home or business because of wind, hail or other storm-related forces can develop into bigger problems if left unresolved. Our experienced restoration team can quickly assess the damage and determine the most effective and efficient course of action that will restore your home or business into it’s comfortable, safe and damage-free environment.

Vandalism comes in many forms and the loss it causes can vary greatly in damages. Whether it is the result of a misguided prank or an intentionally harmful act, we can erase the trace of defacement and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.


After completing restoration services, there is usually a need for structural repair and reconstruction. From floor boards to roof beams and wall studs to window replacement, A&A Affordable Home Improvement can perform all required reconstruction needed to return your structure to its safe and comfortable pre-disaster condition.

Remodeling Projects and Restorations

Whether you want to give the exterior of your home a face-lift, redesign your dated kitchen, turn your bathroom into a personal retreat, redo flooring or add a new room onto your home, A&A Affordable Home Improvement handles all phases of renovation from planning and design to construction and finishing.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is no stranger to New Jersey or New York.Unfortunately we are always on the alert for hurricanes,wind storms,tropical rain and lightning storms. When hurricanes are headed our way the best we can do is to photograph the different rooms in our homes for documented evidence as to the condition and what was there prior to the hurricane damage. Putting all important documents in a safe place is essential; especially your insurance policy. There are so many facets to a hurricane claim that need to be addressed in a very professional manner. Remember a storm is usually a catastrophe that has affected tens if not hundreds of thousands of people.

Homeowners, business owners, and condominium owners are all in desperate positions trying to get their loss and claim attended to first. Besides the circumstances being horrendous, not knowing how to deal with it makes it much worst. A literal nightmare. A&A Affordable Home Improvement has been open for over a decade and has hands on experience with hurricane as well as all types of storm claims. Whether it is lightning hitting a home, a tree flying through a roof or an entire neighborhood flooded we have taken care of customers in the past in all of these as well as hundreds of other situations. We at A&A Affordable Home Improvement will send a representative down as quickly as possible and use our knowledge of the infrastructure of insurance companies to try and get your claim to the top of the pile.

We are happy to assist in any way possible, whether it is directing you to the right company to have your roof tarped to explaining what are your options in replacing your lost property. We have seen natural disasters many times and are aware that it isn’t something anyone can get used to or deal with on their own. Especially in a storm loss there is usually a lot of damage and an expert is needed to make sure the insurance company fulfills all of their obligations as quickly and as fairly as possible.

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