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3 Reasons To Start Your Spring With A Quality Roof Cleaning

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Now that spring is upon us, many homeowners all over the country are gearing up and getting ready for spring cleaning. While there are certainly a number of things around your home that could use some attention after the beating the winter months inflicted, it might be in your best interest to put your roof at the top of your list of priorities. Your roof is easily one of the most important surfaces on the entirety of your home, and the winter months can be particularly harsh on it. Because of this, it's always a good idea to start your spring cleaning and improvement projects with your roof before you move on to anything else. If you are still on the fence about whether or not roof cleaning should be the first item on your spring to-do list, we would ask that you take the time to read through this short list our team of professional NJ painting contractors have taken the time to put together that helps to highlight the important function your roof serves, and why taking care of it this spring is so important.

Everything Trickles Down From Your Roof

As anyone who cleans with any kind of regularity knows, you always want to clean from the top down, otherwise you can easily wind up having to go back over things a second, or even third time. It is no different with your roof. Even if your gutters are in good condition and in place to catch any runoff that results from cleaning your roof, there is still going to be a certain amount that makes it past your gutters and runs down other areas of your home, and if these areas have already been cleaned, you are likely going to find yourself having to do the same job over again. Anytime you hire a professional to clean the exterior of your home, they are always going to start at the roof, and for good reason. By cleaning in this way, our team of professionals can ensure that your entire home gets a thorough cleaning and you don't have to deal with any errant stains, footprints, or streaks that can make your home look dirty all over again.

Mold & Algae Detection

As spring gets fully into gear, and we eventually start to close in on summer, the humidity in the air is going to rise, and that means better growing conditions for mold and algae. Mold and algae can be a serious problem if they start growing on or inside of your home, and one of the most common places they take up growing is on your roof. By hiring a professional to start your spring cleaning with your roof, you can ensure that these contaminants are safely removed before they have a chance to damage the wooden structure of your roof, preserving its integrity and keeping the rest of your home protected. During the process of cleaning your roof, our professionals will also be on the lookout for any signs that mold or algae has already invaded your home, and provide you with solutions to get rid of it.

Wear & Tear

Your roof is the first line of defense your home has against the elements, and during the winter months, the elements are going to be giving your roof a serious pounding. Starting your spring cleanup with your roof is important because it allows for your roof to be inspected quickly, helping to identify any damage your roof might have suffered over the preceding months that could be putting other areas of your home at risk. Having your roof professionally cleaned is often what allows many homeowners to quickly identify that their roof actually has a problem, and identifying the issue is the first step in getting it resolved. The longer any issues are left to linger with your roof, the more damage your roof, and many other areas of your home are going to sustain in the meantime. Before you know it, something that could have been easily fixed had it been identified earlier could wind up costing you a small fortune to have repaired.